The purpose of EHR4Life System is to improve the quality of patient care, especially on an outpatient basis, where 97% of patients are first seen. This can be accomplished by:

1) Providing healthcare professionals with the patient’s secured personal comprehensive and current medical history which they need to provide comprehensive healthcare delivery when and wherever it is needed to treat the patient;

2) Reducing pain and suffering and possibly death due to drug contraindications, when linked to the National Drug File (NDF);

3) Possibly reducing treatment costs and administrative costs by having the PEHR accessible and in the possession of the patient when critical medical records are needed;

4) Providing a cost-effective system for implementing preventative medicine programs for managing diabetes and other diseases of disparity. This allows for early detection, early treatment, and personal medical data needed for establishing personalized medical treatment plan and protocol;

5) Utilizing our ‘Mobile Electronic Health Records System” for transmitting the patient’s personal medical data to the receiving hospital via secured Internet;

6) Providing healthcare professionals treating the same patient with an integrated electronic health record on the “entire human body” as opposed to the particular “human body parts or system” in which they are authorized to treat;

7) Provides capability for healthcare professionals to coordinate the treatment of their patients without belonging to a specific healthcare group; and

8) Providing the patient with his/her personal electronic health records in possession of the patient and controlled by the patient in order for them to become more involved in managing their personal health.