With over 40 years of experience in management information systems and health IT, we have demonstrated a long standing commitment to devising high-quality, scalable IT products and services. Our EHR4Life personal health record device will revolutionize the healthcare industry by offering a patented, state-of-the-art, personal, portable electronic  health record device.

Highlights of our qualifications are listed below:

Chesapeake Regional Information System for our Patients (CRISP)

CRISP_logoCRISP is the State of Maryland Contractor for implementing and managing the MD State-Wide Health Information Exchange (HIE). On May 2, 2012, John Horrocks, President, assigned Diabetes Informatics, Inc. an “Unfunded Requirement” to implement our “EHR4Life System” in Maryland to:

1) Identify DoD Military Personnel and their Beneficiaries and Veterans being treated in Maryland Medical Facilities;

2) Identify members of this population who are Pre-Diabetics and Diabetics;

3) Establish a link with the MD CRISP HIE and download their medical records into the Diabetes Informatics, Inc. ‘EHR4Life Systems” Database;

4) Establish links with the DoD/VA BHIE and upload these medical records so that they can be distributed to DoD and VA Hospitals; and

5) Possibly link the “EHR4Life Systems” to Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) HHS’ NwHIN Gateway to improve the management of the electronic health records of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service (CMS) Beneficiaries.

Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI)

fbi_logoContractor and Project Manager for Federal Bureau of Investigations and performed the following Services:

Developed Request for Proposals, issued RFPs, selected vendors, procured, and implemented the reorganization for Office Automation Support Upgrade and Dictation Management System for Headquarters and 37 State Offices. Procured about 300 XEROX 860- T Word Processing Systems and the Lanier Dictation Management Systems for FBI agents.

Walter Reed Hospital

Dr. Johnnie R. Jackson (Then Major, U.S. Army Medical Service Corps, Age 30) was assigned by the U.S. Army Surgeon General to serve as the first African-American Director, Management Information Systems, Walter Reed Army Hospital (750-beds) and Walter Reed Army Medical Center (Walter Army Medical Research Institute (WRAIR) and Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP). In this capacity, Dr. Jackson became the innovator of DOD TRI-Services Management Information Systems (DOD TRI-MIS), a predecessor of DOD TRI-CARE and AHLTA (Armed Forces Health Longitudinal Technology Application System), the military's electronic health record system.


In 1975, the U.S. Army Surgeon reassigned Dr. Jackson to become the First Director, Management Information Systemn (MIS) of the new Walter Reed Army Hospital to implement the new DOD TRI-CARE Program (now known as AHLTA) as the U.S. Army's Prototype Electronic Health Records System. Under his directions, WRAMC was selected 'BEST AUTOMATED HOSPITAL IN AMERICA 1980', INFORMATION SYSTEMS NEWS MAGAZINE. During his 12 years in this position he pioneered: A Patient Monitoring System with Hewlett-Packard (1972); Food Service System (1972); Computer-Assisted Practice of Psychology (1973); On-line Patient Registration System (1973); Hospital Logistics System (1973); America's first Co-Axial Cable in a Hospital (520 rooms) (1977); Tele-radiology System (1977); and founder of DoD TRI-Services MIS. The U.S. Army Surgeon General awarded Lt. Colonel Jackson two Army Commendation Medals and the coveted Legion of Merit Medal from Secretary of Army for 'Exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services in various positions of great responsibility during the period 30 June 1970 to 31 August 1980.

Howard University Hospital

HUH_logoContractor for establishing the Budget Requirements and Planning for the Installation of the new Howard University Diabetes Treatment Center (DTC). Developed the Floor Plan for installation of Computer Systems, Telecommunications System, and Environmental Requirements for DTC. Recommended the Specialty Services, such as, Dental, Ob/GYN, Optometry, Podiatry and others to support the DTC. Studied and recommended Diabetes Management Information Systems software to support the DTC. Developed Budget Requirements and Consulting Services for interfacing the new DTC Computer Systems Software with the existing Hospital Information System (Seimens).

Northern Mariana Islands

mariana_islands_logoDeveloped Computer Systems Software and Telecommunications Networks For Managing Health Records of Immigrants Workers coming to the U.S. Commonwealth of the Northern Marina Islands for small 100-beds Hospital, Office of Immigrations, and at the Saipan Air Port In 1995-1996.

The Pentagon (Arlington, VA)

PentagonDr. Jackson was appointed by the U.S. Army Surgeon General to serve as the first African-American, Director, Resources Management Directorate, Office of the U.S. Army Surgeon General, Department of the Army. In this capacity, he headed the Pentagon to write DoD Manual 600.5 that governs the DoD TRI-MIS Program; Managed IT support for all Army Hospitals worldwide; Managed DoD TRI-MIS Program; Team member that managed $1.2 billion IT budget; Designed and managed 67- D Program (Program to recruit and manage the careers of Medical Service Corps Officer to support IT in the Army hospitals); and Conducted Army World-Wide Study that re-organized IT organizations in the Army. He was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal by Secretary of Army for three years of outstanding services and reassigned as Director, Walter Reed Army Medical Center to serve as First-Director, MIS, for the new Walter Reed Army Hospital (1280-beds).

Proxtronics Inc

ProxtronicsContractor for designing, developing, implementing, and managing the Proxtronics ‘ Web-Based On-Line Radiation Dosimetry System for Dosimeter Electronic Health Records for clients wearing their badges in hospitals and airports (2001-2004).

Served as Senior Vice-President for Computer Systems, Telecommunications Systems, and Business Development for 3 years. Wrote Proposal, won contract, and managed the Radiation Dosimetry Monitoring System for the entire U.S. Air Force Facilities ($15 million contract for 5 years).

Union Carbide Corporation

Contractor for the following services:

Union Carbide Designed and developed the Curricula Requirements and Lesson Plans for Conducting Education and Training for Implementation of $80 million Computer-Based Management Information System
Conducted Education and Training Classes for about 85 Managers, Operators, Administrators, and other users on “How to More Effectively Operate within the New IT Environment.
Based upon the successful performances of the above services, Union Carbide Corporation extended consulting services for 2 additional years

US Army

Army_logo2Performed the following services over a 2 -year period:

Assembled a team of computer programmers and converted the Simulation Mobility Computer-Based Software from FORTRAN IV to Simscript II to more efficiently process the simulation and modeling of military forces movement to different combat areas
Managed and used Computer-Based Simulation Software to Plan the Troop Movement of Military Organizations for various home-based locations to combat zones based upon various combat scenarios
Reduced computer processing time and increase accuracy for estimating combat casualties using a variety of combat scenarios
Designed and conducted Computer-Based Simulated Models to Study and Evaluate the bodily stress of combat pilots during various hours of prolonged flying, such as, 8, 10, and 12 hours.
Designed and conducted Simulation Models to Study and Evaluation the Rationale for Increasing the Aircrafts Capacity for carrying increased load capacities and effects on resource.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

HHS_logoDesigned the methodology and developed the computer systems software (272 SAS programs) for collecting and producing the "Health Care Financing Review, Medicare and Medicare Statistical Supplement". New methodology saved HCFA numerous resources and dollars. Received a Letter of Appreciation (1996).

Designed, developed, and conducted the first HCFA- Approved Workshop to train and assist Faculty Members and Researchers from Historical Black Colleges and Universities on how to utilize the HCFA Medicare and Medicaid database for research (1996).




Designed Telemedicine Systems Architecture for Verizon in 2000.