Diabetes Informatics, Inc. has teamed with LINKS Communications, LLC to install the EHR4Life System on emergency medical vehicles to drastically improve healthcare delivery on an outpatient basis. This innovative technology provides the capability for healthcare professionals to have access to current, comprehensive, integrated EHR when they are needed to treat the patient at any location and at anytime.

The Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) can access the patient’s portable electronic health record and provide definitive care without the Internet via a standard USB-equipped laptop. When the laptop is linked to the Internet, the EMT person in the ambulance can treat the patient in the emergency vehicle while in communications with the healthcare professionals at the medical treatment facility. The healthcare professionals can “see and talk” to the EMT person and the patient in “real-time”. Our mobile medical records technology should improve healthcare delivery immeasurably by providing the patient’s EHR when and where they are needed as show in the figure below: