Diabetes  Informatics, Inc. – America’s best “System and Method for Portable Electronic Health Records” (Patent No. 9280685)

Diabetes Informatics, Inc. was incorporated in the State of Maryland on September 24, 2004.It was formerly incorporated in Maryland in 1987 and operated as “Biotechnology and Environmental Services”, Inc. The firm was certified by the U.S. Small Business Administration and was enrolled into the Section 8 (a) Program until graduation in 2002.

The firm was certified by the Maryland Department of Transportation in information systems, computer programming, networks,telecommunications systems, and a host of other IT-related expertise. The dire need for innovative technology in the emerging healthcare informatics and electronic health records industry dictated that a firm such as Diabetes Informatics, Inc., emerge…and we did.

We emerged to provide the healthcare industry with innovative and patented products to more effectively manage the overall health of peoples in the U.S. and abroad. Specifically, we believe that each and every person should have a secure integrated, comprehensive, and current personal portable electronic health record in his/her possession. This electronic health record must be available for healthcare professionals to provide definitive medical care at anyplace and any location with or without the Internet. This necessary to reduce pain and suffering, medical costs, and possibly save lives by preventing drug contra-indications and other health hazards